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This project represents Belz’s personal style, which she refers to as modern organic for its use of curving walls and lots of natural materials. There is more softness and comfort compared to the growing trend of cubist modernism. The home was completed in 2008.


The existing 1970's mine shaft-style home was demolished. In its place is a mid-century modern structure that takes full advantage of its views. The definition of indoor versus outdoor space is blurred by the use of nano walls and the consistent appearance of Colorado red flagstone throughout the exterior and interior design.


Passive solar and photovoltaics, as well as a partial glass roof, were key design requirements by the clients. Each of the family's two children have their own bedroom and bathroom, and an additional multipurpose space was added for art and music creation. Laundry was incorporated near the master closet for ease of access.


The open-air ribbon fireplace is a focal point of the main level and divides the dining room and living areas using tasteful custom concrete.


The kitchen includes cork flooring, top-notch fixtures, and an over-sized pantry for added storage. Extra light shines on the prep spaces due to the use of windows in place of a backsplash.

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