Behind the Scenes

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Cheri Belz



Cheri Belz grew up surrounded by architecture, design and real estate development.   After beginning her career as an artist/art & architectural historian, she turned to architectural design in 1979.  In addition to working one-on-one with clients to help them obtain their "dream home", she also designs, build and sells "custom spec" homes. Each home is designed specifically for its site with a concern for the incorporation of passive solar design, integration to site in form and scale, utilization of a mixture of natural materials and a unique flow of forms and spaces.  




1977  BA, New College, Sarasota, Fl. double major Fine Arts/Art and Architectural History

1987  MArch,  University of Colorado-Denver



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City of Boulder Historic Preservation Award.  For the sensitive rehabilitation and addition to the Landmark "Labrot House". 819 6th St. Boulder, CO


Home Builders Association of Denver.  Colorado Award for Remodeling Excellence. 2nd place for Whole House-Luxury. 1st Place for Architectural Design. 819 6th St. Boulder, CO


Home Builders Association of Denver. Colorado Award for Remodeling Excellence.  2nd Place for Exterior Remodel. 1st Place for Interior Remodel. 

5010 Ingersoll  Boulder, CO.


Home Builders Association of Denver.  Colorado Award for Remodeling Excellence. 1st Place for Exterior Remodel and 1st Place for Whole House Remodel .  

955 Jasmine Circle    Boulder, CO